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Solidarity Goes Online for Global Pride 2020

With many events cancelled around the world this Pride month, hundreds of local Pride celebrations will join forces for “Global Pride” 2020, a 24-hour online celebration of LGBTQ+ rights on 27 June.

An estimated 1,500 Prides have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. A Global Pride will allow an expected 300 million viewers to tune-in from home, including from countries where attending Pride has been difficult.

This includes countries such as Poland and Saudi Arabia – where being queer is still punishable by law. 

Kristine Garina, Co-Chair of Global Pride 2020 and President of the European Pride Organisers Association, hopes that an online event will draw an even more diverse crowd. 

Photo by Tedy Osterblom/Unsplash

“That might be someone who’s not out, someone who lives in a hostile or conservative country, or someone who lives a long way from their nearest Pride. We’re excited to see who’ll join us on June 27th for Global Pride!”

Kristine Garina

The event will include performances from singers Olivia Newton John, Dixie Chicks and Pabllo Vittar. Addresses from leaders in Costa Rica – which legalised equal marriage in May – Norway and India will also be made.

Brazilian Lucas Martinelli says the LBGTQ+ community still lacks support from their leaders. “Some people in Brazil still see being gay as a curse or sin. Since Bolsanaro became our president they feel free to spread their hate.” 

After his tickets to Madrid to attend Pride this year were cancelled, he will be tuning in from home.

“Even though we’re living in a pandemic it’s important to have these movements and spread our voices because it’s not easy being LBGTQ.” 

Lucas Martinelli

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