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June 2020

You can read Reset Magazine here.

When we first began to plan this magazine in March, it had just become clear that coronavirus was here to stay. We knew without question that we wanted it to be the centre of our magazine. “It’s monumental,” we said, “nothing is bigger,” we said, “we can’t even know yet all the way it will change the world,” we said. We all agreed that it was the story of our lives for the next few years.

Reset Magazine was published across different continents and time zones; over zoom sessions, Google Drive, virtual editorial meetings. Our experience of the pandemic has been one of capturing stories of change. We wanted to look at why and how the world, society, and our own local community had changed to survive both COVID-19 and the truths it has laid bare.

The changes that have happened since we first wrote our Mission Statement are already so far beyond our imaginations, and yet, despite the pain, they give us hope. Hope for a better world we can already see materializing.

We know that this is only the beginning of our pandemic-ridden, protesting world, but isn’t the beginning where every good story starts? We hope you enjoy ours.

With hope,

The Editorial Board